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Worship & Sacraments

Sunday Mass

11:30 am Sunday Mass held at:

575 Lake Road, Saint Albans Bay, Vermont 05481

(Sanctuary of St. Albans Bay United Methodist Church)

Simultaneously Livestreamed on our Facebook page.


Image by Nycholas Benaia

Worship is an outward expression that gives glory and honor to God. Praise is an intentional, spoken, or visible, physical act. We cannot just think God is good; we have to say it! Express it!

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As Catholics, our primary expression is the Holy Mass, the most sacred prayer of the church. When we gather together, as CACINA Catholics, our parishes use the Novus Ordo (the Ordinary Form) in the tradition of Vatican II. 

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Over the liturgical year, we celebrate many solemnities and feast days to commemorate church celebrations and remember saints who have gone before us. Participation of the people is encouraged as we worship in prayer and song.


Everyone who is called to offer their gifts as altar servers, lectors, or musicians is welcome to participate in the liturgy.

Our faith walk affords us times of personal celebration through Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage or Vow Renewal, and First Eucharist (Communion). The sacramental ministry does not belong to any priest, deacon, or bishop. Sacraments are not rewards for any human achievement or accomplishment. Instead, all Sacraments are gifts of Divine Grace that enable us to grow as the People of God.


At Saint Martin’s, sacraments and other personal celebratory rites, such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and celebrations of life, are available to all who seek them. For more information, please email Mother Barb at:

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